Investments and Portfolio

A company focused on disruptive technologies in materials science, with a focus on:
Food/Health, Biomaterials, Energy & Environment

Our key elements

Siryo is looking for the most disruptive technological platforms in the Food/Health, Biomaterials, Energy & Environment field, to improve health and quality of life.

Investment operations

The company invests directly or indirectly in the share capital – as the major shareholder or not – of innovative start-ups and/or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are in the following stages:

Seed Capital

Financing the study, evaluation and development of the business idea prior to the start of the business;

Start-up Capital

Financing the development and first trading of a product. The company may be in the process of being set up or already existing, but it must not have sold its product or service commercially and it has not yet generated profit;

Spin off

The creation of an independent and self-sufficient company deriving from the separation of a specific company activity or the result of research activities, even achieved in the context of universities or public and private research centres;

Expansion Capital

Provide financial support to already operating companies for their strategic investments.


A selection of our projects