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Postbiotica is a novel microbiota biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of postbiotics (active metabolites of the microbiota). The team is made of people with a strongly scientific mindset and specialists, in immune response and in a microbiota field. Postbiotica has developed a technological platform based on an innovative and patented fermentation process (PBtech®) which to obtain a pure mixture of postbiotics to be used for pharma and non-pharma biotech applications. Postbiotica has already commercialized PBtech® – Postbiotics as food supplement and in the dermocosmetic market.


Milano (MI)
Innovative SME
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Our wellbeing depends on the interaction of our body with the community of microorganisms that co-habit with us. The compounds released during their metabolic activities, called Postbiotics, regulate this interaction and are beneficial for our health. Many pathologies are associated with an unbalance of the microbiota and disequilibrium of its metabolites. Postbiotics can be used to re-establish host-microbe interactions in cases where this equilibrium is lost. Postbiotica is the owner of an innovative fermentation process PBtech® which does not rely on food. This proprietary technology platform allows us to obtain a ‘pure’ mixture of Postbiotics with different functional properties derived from selected strains of bacteria. Based on their immunomodulatory proprieties our PBtech® – Postbiotics can be specifically helpful in allergy, dermatitis, conjunctivitis as well as inflammatory conditions of the bowel (colitis, irritable bowel syndrome). In addition, they can act increasing the barrier properties of body surfaces, thus protecting the host from infections and exposure to environmental irritants. PBtech® – Postbiotics represent the new breakthrough solution for a number of medical and industrial applications.