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Oxoco is an innovative startup dedicated to the development of oxycombustion technology for waste treatment. Isotherm flameless technology is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative advanced oxidation processes and is the only Italian technology to be included in the Reference Document on Best Available Techniques (BAT – Waste industry), representing the current European benchmark for the thermal treatment of waste.


Bari (BA)
Innovative Start-up


Flameless Oxycombustion is an innovative combustion process with no flame, operated under pressure in a very high temperature oxygen atmosphere. With this technology, Oxoco offers an optimal solution to waste issues, also due to its low costs, allowing also the energy recovery and CO2 capture. In addition, this technology transforms waste into vitrified slags which, can be reused, as well as the captured CO2, with a substantial environmental benefit in terms of reduced pollutant emissions and consequent climate-changing matters. The technologies currently in use for waste treatment generate, instead,  significant quantities of waste fractions, that require final disposal in landfill. The Flameless Oxycombustion technology is able to handle the streams coming from the waste cycle, allowing the definitive closure of the cycle without generating further waste, but only immediately reusable material (glassy material) and CO2. The technology, thanks to its high flexibility, allows for the efficient treatment of a wide range of waste of urban and industrial origin, both non-hazardous or hazardous, even if highly contaminated, preserving its own virtuous operating specifications.