Global reach

A company focused on disruptive technologies in materials science, with a focus on:
Food/Health, Biomaterials, Energy & Environment

There is a new light for innovation

Siryo is a new operator that aims to select, support and speed up the development of innovative technologies and start-ups operating in the field of Food/Health, Biomaterials, Energy & Environment, with a focus on Southern Europe, North Africa and Middle East. The company aims to become a “venture capital” operator, leader in Southern Europe in its field.


We support individual researchers and research groups in their translational path, from the laboratory bench to the market, providing the necessary tools – not only financial – to facilitate the transformation:

  • of a technological platform into a range of products;
  • of a set of skills in an operational structure;
  • of a brilliant team into a winning company.


We reverse the traditional Venture Capital approach, starting by gathering disruptive ideas which are ensured a structured and lasting financial and entrepreneurial support:

  • science first” is our motto,
  • start from the South is our bet,
  • concretely support the translational paths is our way.
Our philosophy

A reversed approach

The business model of Siryo is non-conventional. A different point of view that allows to transform limits into opportunities. Siryo, starting with a reversed approach – by gathering investment opportunities and not from the fundraising – thanks to a deal flow generated by relationships with the scientific communities consolidated in over ten years, overcomes the current barriers to the investment:

  • limited risk appetite;
  • capital immobilization;
  • deal flow timing.