Global reach

A company focused on Disruptive Technologies on Materials Science, focused on:
Food-Health, Biomaterials, Energy and Environment

There’s a new way for innovation

Siryo selects, supports and speeds up the development of innovative technologies and start-ups operating in the field of materials science in Southern Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

The Company operates as a Venture Incubator, aiming to become a leading Venture Capital firm in materials science.


We support individual researchers and teams in their translational effort, from the laboratory bench to the market, by providing them the right tools – not just financial support– to facilitate the transformation of:

  • technology platform into a range of products
  • set of skills in an operational structure
  • brilliant team into a winning company


We reverse the traditional Venture Capital approach, by gathering disruptive ideas and providing them structured financial and entrepreneurial support

  • science first” is our motto
  • starting from South is our bet
  • concretely support the translational paths is our way

A reversed approach

Siryo’s business model is unconventional. A different point of view that transforms limits into opportunities. SIRYO, starting from a collection of breakthrough technologies, partly finalized already, proposes:

  • selected accomplished and actively managed investments
  • active involvement in the scientific and industrial environment
  • a team who knows how to allocate the raised capital, in accordance with the future investment goals and development strategies of the Target companies
  • impressive track record of the management team, in some ways unique in the country