The Company Profile

Celery develops nutritional advanced solutions capable of generate health benefits. The technological platform and the patented bacterial strains allow the development of entirely vegetable based drinks (e.g. odourless and colourless yogurt, customisable in different flavours and formats) made from pulses and cereals, gluten and lactose free whose nutritional elements (e.g. GABA) open up to new nutritional and therapeutic approaches.


Polignano a Mare (BA)
Innovative Start-up
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The company aims to disrupt the way dairy-free foods are developed, in particular referring to selected categories (e.g. children, vegans, athletes, etc.) and is currently focusing on plant based yogurt-like drinks and desserts that are vegan, dairy-free and with high protein intake. These fermented products provide an excellent base for ice creams and desserts. Also, the high levels of GABA, a muscle relaxant, will allow to develop innovative, natural and safe therapeutic approaches for the gastrointestinal tract. A development of a vegetable based yogurt-like drink is currently underway, which will be soon launched onto the market. Parallel developments are underway, such as innovative food lines and therapeutic formulations, both valuable for specific targets of population.