The Company Profile

Votis Subdermal Imaging Technologies, Ltd. is a start-up that has developed an innovative device capable of screening and diagnosing the severity of lower limb vascular diseases usually caused by diabetes, including Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and consequent Chronic limb- threatening ischemia (CLTI). The team includes engineers experienced in developing medical devices, and its advisors include clinicians and professors ranging from podiatrists to vascular surgeons, and consultants of international standing who share decades of experience in vascular medical devices. The technology, originally developed and patented by Columbia University, is exclusively licensed to Votis worldwide for all medical imaging purposes.


Israel, Jerusalem
Innovative Start-up


The technology is based on the scattering and absorption of infrared and near-infrared light up to a depth of 2 cm in the foot. Utilizing a multi-sensory system, the company’s proprietary software platform enables the devices to assess a patient’s vascular condition in a non-invasive cost- and time-efficient manner, along the entire peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and Chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) patient journey. It allows the treating physician to monitor the evolution of peripheral arterial disease on an ongoing basis and prevent limb amputation. Votis’ technology is applied through three applications PedCheck™ The patient’s feet are screened for Peripheral Artery Disease; PedStage™ The patient’s specialists assess blood flow, oxygen flow in the foot, severity of ulcers or gangrene, and infection. The health of the patient’s foot is assessed regularly for clinical decision support as various treatment options are applied; and PedFlo™ The doctor performing revascularization, bypass, open surgery, or minor or partial amputation uses the PedFlo™ to assess blood flow in the foot in real time.